Appraising NFT Portfolios: a Case Study with Jenny DAO
3 min readNov 8, 2021

ArtCentral is very pleased to have been chosen by Jenny Metaverse DAO to appraise their NFT portfolio.

Their portfolio is made up of 114 pieces for a total purchase value of $3,924,176.78 ($1,808,000.00 + 677.8961 ETH) between May and October 2021.

The appraisal was rather complex since the portfolio is composed of different types of pieces that require different methodologies to appraise accurately, including several unique pieces specially commissioned for Jenny DAO.

A majority of pieces were appraised using ArtCentral’s unique AI-powered tools. But some additional qualitative research was also done to supplement/confirm the quantitative data when insufficient.

This appraisal revealed some interesting insights, including

  • Jenny’s best performing pieces came from 2 iconic projects: + 376% average for the 4 Bored Ape pieces and+ 312% average for the 12 CyberKongz pieces.

Because of their relatively high value compared to other pieces, their performance has had a very positive impact on the total portfolio growth.

CyberKong #1293 & Bored Ape #7366
  • Within the same collection, pieces can show great performance diversity. For example, within the Rocket Factory project, the Brian Nose Cone’s value rose by 33% vs. 210% for the Trojan Nose Cone.
Rocket Factory project by Tom Sachs
  • A very large majority of pieces in the Jenny DAO’s portfolio gained value since their purchase. Only 1 piece lost almost half of its value, although with little impact on the overall portfolio’s value.
  • The total performance growth as of Nov. 5, 2021 was +74.8% including ETH growth since purchase date (41.4% if excluding ETH growth over that same period).

Take a look at the full Appraisal Report, as well as the Detailed Appraisal Spreadsheet.

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